Infinity Circle

Voila! Infinity Circle in the Sand with JAH and RBB

Went out to get some daylight. Ever since learning that daylight increases my connection to the Creator, I have been ‘sunning’ as many call it and trying to understand Light. I went over to the play field in my community where there is nothing under my feet but dirt and nothing overhead or around to block Light when I discovered….

Drum roll….

Circles with get this JAH and the Infinity sign


Me Standing In The Eye


20150908_092256 20150908_092308

This Symbol has stumped me. Who knows what it means? Waiting on the answer from the Creator but I am interesting in someone telling what these symbols mean.


See the trail of smaller markings. They were everywhere…

20150908_091853 20150908_091926 20150908_091939 20150908_091943 20150908_091947 20150908_092001 20150908_092005 20150908_092009 20150908_092015 20150908_092024 20150908_092041 20150908_092045 20150908_092107

Now keep in mind that due to a lack of technology, I am using a point a shoot device and I am unable to elevate above ground to show a real aerial photo…

20150908_092128 20150908_092045

Here are the smaller marks again


Video footage from point and shoot device…

20150908_092144  20150908_092213 20150908_092236