The Spirit of Love

♥ Parents understand love. Not to say those who are not parents do not understand love but non-parents tend to be on the receiving end of love most of the times. Love is the giving of self. It is the down-pressing of the ego or the loss of the I and me from the vocabulary for the other.  Glory to the Creator of us all because we all can receive the spirit of love.

When we speak our words evoke emotions that are both positive and negative in others. At times our words were never meant to offend but none of us can determine the state of mind of those we interact with. Sometimes we are not aware of what effect our words will have and at times we are unable to control the impulses to hurt others with words. A negative word once spoken cannot be taken back. It is a sped arrow. With words come war. The other becomes defensive and battles. They exercise their liberty to exist and to act negatively and the cycle of negativity continues.

 Letting Go Of Negativity 

You cry no more tears when you realize the actions of others are not a reflection of you. What reflects us is our behavior towards others or our reactions to other people’s actions. It is a beautiful and awesome experience giving and not receiving love. It is the most uncomplicated thing. Complications come from expectations. We expect others to act in a particular way and when they do not we internalize hurt. When we gain the understanding that we are all ripening fruits at different stages of our development, our perspective of other people change. Realizing we all grow at different periods and different spurts, loving becomes easier and easier.

All this comes from the realization that the Creator of us all is with us. He never leaves our side. It is difficult to explain that old woman with a drunkard for a husband, who keeps opening the door for him instead of letting him sleep alone outside. God being good gave her to him, so he could experience love. We are all each other’s keepers. Love♥. Understand that we all are becoming good. 


Rising From the Mark of the Beast (666) to Krist Consciousness (999)

The search for the poem ‘Lignum Vitae’ by Archie Lindo led to all sorts of discovery about Lignum Vitae, as well as to other unexpected finds, even to King David and the Nephilims of the Bible. It led to the link below, where a man recounts an experience of being stung by A Tree. Incredible! Yes. Stung by a tree. He wanted to know who wrote ‘Lignum Vitae’ because it was a Lignum Vitae tree that stung him. Lignum Vitae is erroneously called the Tree of Life but the only Tree of Life is the Creator of all that is, was and will ever be (The Great Spirit -the No Thing).

Even the papacy has love for the tree. The book ‘Lignum Vitae was written by Arnold de Wyon and included the Prophecy of the Popes (from Pope Celestine II (Sept. 25, 1143 – March 8, 1144) to the supposedly final pope, ‘Peter the Roman’). Many hold the view that it is Nostradamus, who prophesied the papal lineage but the prophesy is accredited to Malacy in 1139 A.D in Wyon’s book ‘Lignum Vitae’. Malacy is said to have been summoned to Rome by Pope Innocent II and while there had visions of all the popes to come. But it was the find of Nephilim bones that was most graphically disturbing. The sight of people disturbing the bones of once living creations is harrowing. 

The first mention of the Nephilims in the Bible is Genesis 6:4.


The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.

In mythology truths are hidden. Their keys are revealed by the Holy Spirit or by divine men (male and female), who are inspired by the Holy Spirit. In biblical mythology and other ancient scrolls, the giants were not the procreation of the daughters of men and the sons of God though many may misread the above biblical quote. It is the mighty men who were the offspring of the sons of gods and the daughters of men. And who are the sons of God, those who see the maker gods as the Creator.

Though not in the Bible, it is also believed that man began walking upright after the Nephilims tweaked our DNA after crashing to our planet. A crash which is said to have created the moon, which is thought to be a floating piece of Earth. These are all myths.

Genesis 1:26 “And God said, Let us make man in our image…”

It is said the Nephilims needed labor but found us no better than apes. If the Nephilims are the maker gods in Genesis, it is they who hid the Tree of Life from those who have attained understanding by eating of the Tree of Knowledge. And how has this been done? The confusion of Gods as Creator and not makers is what perpetuates our endless destruction. It is true that every man must seek the Tree of Life (the Holy Spirit or Great Spirit or No Thing from which all things originate). But so many males and females get lost in the confusion of gods, in whose image we are made that we never come to know our Creator; just our makers. It is as it is now with Artificial Intelligence, where man seeks to call himself Creator, when man cannot generate consciousness, only assemble software and hardware. Man is simply the maker of Artificial Intelligence, just as we too had makers. For we are made in the image of God, just as we are making Artificial intelligence into our image. We did not gain consciousness from our makers and every egg fertilized in woman comes from Nothingness. We must become conscious that God is a state of man. God is a godhood. The worship of man (God) or any thing (that which is seen) is the true Beast (666) because man is essentially worshipping himself (a creation) and not the Creator.  Very few men (male and female) are made in their own image, or to put it differently, become their own God. Very few come to know the Holy Spirit (No Thing), which is the Creator of all and so very few worship the true Creator, the No Thing from which all things (including man) come into being.

For most males and females death is inevitable because of this confusion between our maker gods and the true Creator. According to the myth of Genesis disobedience is what leads to the fall of man. Disobedience does not mean one gains knowledge. A person can sin and never know. But when one knows that one has sinned, everything changes. There is a sudden need for cleansing and the search for the Tree of Life begins. The search for the Tree of Life is the search for the Creator. But for knowing of our disobedience one can never grasp sin. But for searching for the Creator one can never be absolved of sin. To die is a rejection of the Holy Spirit (Life). Many do not search for the Creator. Many bask in the ignorance of the maker gods and never seek to know the truth of the Creator (the Invisible Mover).

Archaeological Dig of Giants


Broke and Dreaming of Presents

On this broke girl’s dream list doors are a necessity for the house. Naturally I have my own taste and standards. So far these are what I am hoping to get. I will ask the Father for them. But if He wants another door for me -not in this collection- that is fine. I will satisfy. And frankly speaking, I think everybody should be able to create or buy whatever they want.

Every heard of bubblegum money. It has been suggested the banks do not have the collateral to insure the amount of money they claim is in our accounts. Except the bubblegum concept only applies to a few and not the majority. My pocket keeps shrinking; not multiplying. But what if all our countries just keep printing and printing money to feed our needs and desires. Is it possible? Think about it. If the entire world has really been buying and selling with no money, why stop? Put some in my pocket. So the last $JA ina mi pocket will be spent buying fruits and vegetables for my mom and dad, and buying shampoo and conditioner to go wash a very special woman’s hair. After that spending mi money done! My desires below will have to be gifts from above.





Maybe front (loving ambiance)


Clean cut – front (cheaper by far)




Bedroom or front door

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Cheaper font door


bedroom or bathroomSliding-Barn-Door-Image-Emily-Gilbert-Photography-for Brooklyn-Home-Company-Remodelista