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Voila! Infinity Circle in the Sand with JAH and RBB

Went out to get some daylight. Ever since learning that daylight increases my connection to the Creator, I have been ‘sunning’ as many call it and trying to understand Light. I went over to the play field in my community where there is nothing under my feet but dirt and nothing overhead or around to block Light when I discovered….

Drum roll….

A Crop Circle with get this JAH and the Infinity sign


Me Standing In The Eye


20150908_092256 20150908_092308

This Symbol has stumped me. Who knows what it means? Waiting on the answer from the Creator but I am interesting in someone telling what these symbols mean.


See the trail of smaller markings. They were everywhere…

20150908_091853 20150908_091926 20150908_091939 20150908_091943 20150908_091947 20150908_092001 20150908_092005 20150908_092009 20150908_092015 20150908_092024 20150908_092041 20150908_092045 20150908_092107

Now keep in mind that due to a lack of technology, I am using a point a shoot device and I am unable to elevate above ground to show a real aerial photo…

20150908_092128 20150908_092045

Here are the smaller marks again


Video footage from point and shoot device…

20150908_092144  20150908_092213 20150908_092236



David Slew Giants

The search for this poem, Lignum Vitae by Archie Lindo led to all sorts of discovery about Lignum vitae and even to the great King David. It lead to the link below, where a man recounts an experience of being stung by A Tree. He wanted to know who wrote ‘Lignum Vitae. Even the papacy has love for the tree. A book ‘Lignum Vitae was written by Arnold de Wyon and included the Prophecy of the Popes (from Pope Celestine II (Sept. 25, 1143 – March 8, 1144) to the final pope, ‘Peter the Roman’. Nostradamus is thought to have made the prophesy but it was accredited to Malacy in 1139 A.D in Wyon’s book ‘Lignum Vitae’. Malacy is said to have been summoned by Pope Innocent II to Rome and while there had visions of all the popes to come. It is believed that Peter Francis Assisi (the present pope) is the last pope. 

For those aware of biblical prophecy, the last pope is the anti-Christ.

The search for Lignum Vitae also led to the Nephilims. The Nephilims are mentioned in the bible when the giants were on the earth.


The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.

In mythology truths are hidden in myths. So, myths do not walk straight. Their keys are revealed. In biblical mythology and other ancient scrolls, the giants were the procreation of the daughters of men and the sons of God. It is also believed that man began walking upright after the Nephilims tweaked our DNA after crashing to our planet.

Genesis 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image…”

It is said they needed labor but found us no better than apes and that they were also the ones who hid the Tree of Life from those who attain understanding of the Tree of Knowledge.

Disobedience was what led to the fall of man. Disobedience does not mean one gains knowledge. A person can sin and never know. The search for the Tree of Life begins when the search for God begins. But for disobeying, one can never grasp sin. But for knowledge of the ramifications of disobedience, those who sin will never know they sin.

The search for Lignum Vitae led to big proof that David was fighting giants. According to the Book of Enoch, it was giants that Iz’zarael slew in Canaan. The Book of Enoch says the giants -children of the nephilims- were eating people and they had under peopled Canaan. The land became killing fields. Men and women were as big as dinosaurs and feasting on men and women of our stature. 

Archaeological Dig of Giants


Mammoth Head


Digging Truths