The Giving of Self

Little Devils For The Holidays

Babysitting rug-rats is a hard thing. People drop off their little devils and expect that by some miracle their children magically behave when they are out of their presence but the little devils remain the same – bursts of wild and untamable energy. So, if you are babysitting children for the holiday gear up to have your eardrums burst and migraines arrive.

Having done some tidying up and some decorating, you are in as tip-top shape as you will ever be and cannot prepare anymore to run after nieces, nephews, children and grandchildren. You are ready for the little devils that are going to be handed over to you.

After the little hellions have exhausted themselves ripping every decoration in sight to shreds and have screamed for hours without end, spilled juice and food on the couches and beds and been kept safe from braking every piece of glass and ceramic, there is that sweet victory when they begin to reprimand each other. That is when the most spoilt of the lot is disciplined into obedience by the others. Children are just like everyone else. They are little people. They too have boundaries and when the group decides to ostracize the biggest hell raiser of the lot, then the devil may cry after all and become the sweetest of angels.

When the angel comes out soothe away the tears. After that you are best friends. Friendless, this same troublemaker will help you clean up all the mess that he or she has made and sit quietly for fifteen minutes until he or she raises hell again.

If you are blessed with the job of babysitting for friends, relatives and neighbors prepare for the fun and the aftereffect. Get ready to suffer a bout of fatigue and get ready to nurse yourself back to health. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and have some soup. You will need all the strength, patience and faith to outlast the joy of children’s feet pitter-pattering around.

Fear vs Love

Two emotions rule us -love and fear. Out of fear we perpetuate hate which breeds war. Nothing good has come from turning our faces away from the desperately poor and homeless. Working nine to five to purchase a house, car and gain acceptance in our social brackets leave us bitter and unhappy. We wake up and our loved ones are dead or alienated from us. We chase affection and thrust ourselves into lust and never experience love. All our efforts to attain anything are vain. Without our Creator this world is a cold, miserable and unhappy place.

Love is the giving of self. The haves are unable to understand why the have nots give from nothing and are so happy doing it. One loaf and some fishes can feed a multitude because the Creator will keep multiplying our generosities. We are in times that require the have nots to go into the communities and give from nothing. We must answer the call.