Spirit Quest

Embarking on a Spirit Quest is exciting. Because it is abnormal it requires a little mental push. You have to encourage yourself to take on the faith compelled challenge. Once you have made the first step the adventure begins. There is always an end goal in mind but that end goal shouldn’t stop you from helping all the people and animals you meet on the way. In fact, helping those in need will guarantee that your goal is successful. The Great Spirit rewards kindness, especially if it is altruistic. You cannot be blinded to your cause and your cause only.IMG_20180807_092306IMG_20180807_092314

On this Spirit Quest, I saw a wrecked bridge that was built in Lord Righteous honour.  Only the murals were standing. On them were depicted the passage of black people on the Black Star Liner to Africa from the North and South , as biblically predicted.


The mural depicts the black people who came on an Arc (Rainbow) during the Noah period to the Americas.


This mural depicts Lord Righteous and the Black Star Liner that he used to carry black people back to Africa in 1919-21.


These are some of the rest stops I made along my Spirit quest.IMG_20180807_112307


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