Choosing Abnormalcy


These past three years have been quite a humbling experience. I stopped speaking for a year, stopped traveling by any means other than my feet and in the process went bare-feet. It was only natural that people would think me mad and they did. Truth be told my mental reasoning is not the same as those persons around me because it is affected by my spiritual pursuits. So my family has had me forcefully medicated to make me normal again but how can someone after breaking the normalcy barrier ever want to be normal again. Now every rainbow brings delight, as does the stars, wind, trees, sun, moon, rain, river and sea. I am living in paradise.

These Spirit led walks have yielded much for me and those who come along. I walked out my constant gibberish of tales of who did what to me. I became immersed in the scenery of starlit nights, white clouds and the different hues of blue sky, and the rainbow patterns painted across them. My dreams have become saturated with the colors of the sky and the things the sky can do; all because of the Great Spirit, the Creator creating scenery after scenery of bliss and resolving fears. I became calm and sedated.

My heart has been searched by three fallen stars because the light searches every man. I am blessed that the stars came down as a walking triangle that climbed the stairs and peeped around corners in my room a dream of mine. Or that I have dreamed of rainbows more striking than the sky of grey clouds. That they caused fear to cripple me and drove me to hide from their colored patterns that were everywhere as if it was as Armageddon, only to realize in the dream that the plane’s chemtrail was the only thing to fear because it was blinding me with one shot to the eye and killing me with chemicals that not even the pool of water I dived into could defuse. I was a fool for fearing the beauty of the rainbows.

Walking was seeing two puppies saved from downing in a roadside gully, while their yelping brother jumped for victory and celebrated with each victory. Walking is seeing the Creator in all materializing before me.

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