It is a challenge to faith that in order to believe people need to see the physical thing. Hence the reason the Earth has ended up with so many gods, everybody wanting their god to reign supreme over the other. On every continent there are several gods. The gods are nothing but idols (eye dolls); physical incarnations that supposedly are the Creator of all that was, is and will ever be -a thing, which is impossible. How can we see the universe? And the universe is nothing but a manifestation, a creation. For the Creator of all that is, was and will ever be is no manifestation –No Thing. Faith is the belief in the No Thing. There is evidence of faith when that faith becomes manifested but the faith itself is unsubstantiated and the manifestation is not the faith.

Times are changing. The Great Spirit is moving across this Earth; taking it back from the material consumerism that has robbed us of experiencing Earth as the Paradise it is, and Earth is Paradise. The New Zion has come. Not as people expected because like all things of faith, it is a Spiritual House. The guide to this Zion has always been and still is the Voice within, the Voice that calls, that declares “I Am That I Am”. There is no need for manifested gods and idols (eye-dolls). The Great I Am is because the Great I Am declared so.

The era of gods has ended. We are under the Shadow (the Black Sun). The ruling god will not be worshipped because the ruling God is no idol (eye-doll). This is the era of the restoration in faith- the belief in the No Thing (the Great Spirit or Holy Spirit). The time is now to choose No Thing over all things; including our physical gods. This is the House of Zion.

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