Living Without Money

It is hard to imagine living without money. To live in this materialistic world we can’t imagine existing without money. In fact we think we will die without it. There are bills to pay. We need to eat. We need shelter. To own anything, especially land, even if it is a gift we need money because there is such a thing called land tax, which we need to pay to our governments even if we own the land. To travel long distances in a short time we need money. But I hate money. I hate the fact that a child will starve to death because they don’t have money. I hate that people live in these depressing hellholes called ghettos and slums slaving for money. I cannot stress how much I despise money. It got me questioning You, Creator why money exists. I know humans could not have invented this monetary system because all knowledge comes from You and it is too brilliant an invention for it not to come from above -as above so below. Why have the gods enslaved us or is it still free will?

Whenever civil man encounters a nomadic tribe oftentimes that tribe is willing to give up their way of existence for this paper or coin that can get them possessions they have never see in their lifetime. Things they were doing fine without. They lose their sovereignty, their heritage, their family structures and their freedom for money. Rural communities flood the cities for money and they give up their sovereignty –land and the ability to produce their own food- to rent homes in concretized towns and spend whole days working away from their family just so they can get money. It is a curse. We believe what we buy ourselves and each other is superior to spending quality time with each other. We believe we are poor if we cannot buy things and not that we are poor because we have lost each other and time to enjoy, laugh and master ourselves. Where are the sovereigns? And though I hear money isn’t evil I find it hard to think otherwise. The irony is with the spread of Christendom came civil society –the walled kingdoms where humans rule over humans. Then there is the delusion of education where we regurgitate words but lack understanding and are incapable of producing anything. We study business though ninety percent of all small businesses fail. We study medicine but cannot cure or prevent diseases, not even the common cold that eating a diet of fruits will prevent.

Ironically the Christ was never into money. He walked for miles, depended on charity to be fed, slept in the cold, went days without eating and shared all that he was given. He was so anti civil society they strung him up for it. So I am going to try what Christ did and walk away from money. I am certain my meal is sure, for as surely as You feed the birds You will feed me. I am eager to see how You will accomplish it, including paying my bills. All is Yours and I want something else. Give me my sovereignty in civil-dom. And yes it is hard. I know. I will be considered worthless and unambitious but how can I be a part of something wrong. Civil society has failed. One percent own what ninety-nine percent want. Look at the example of Venezuela with people stampeding for food. Filth runs in so many slums. Look at Kibera. Not even rats live as we do. Millions pile on top of each other in filth just for money. I swear it would be better to garden, live on what we each grow and run around naked. But civil society has claimed ownership over all the land and has invented terms like squatters and vagrants. It is an evil we have been birthed into. It is a farce. Humans cannot rule humans. We are all free. Civil society is a reactionary society that cannot even react. There is a consensus that by 2032 we wont be able to feed the world and our governments are studying slums as the answer. Why do we lie to ourselves and scorn the soil. Plant a tree. Leave the cities and occupy the vast empty lands. We need Your help.

Going deeper into spirituality to find You.


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