The Spirit of Love

♥ Parents understand love. Not to say those who are not parents do not understand love but non-parents tend to be on the receiving end of love most of the times. Love is the giving of self. It is the down-pressing of the ego or the loss of the I and me from the vocabulary for the other.  Glory to the Creator of us all because we all can receive the spirit of love.

When we speak our words evoke emotions that are both positive and negative in others. At times our words were never meant to offend but none of us can determine the state of mind of those we interact with. Sometimes we are not aware of what effect our words will have and at times we are unable to control the impulses to hurt others with words. A negative word once spoken cannot be taken back. It is a sped arrow. With words come war. The other becomes defensive and battles. They exercise their liberty to exist and to act negatively and the cycle of negativity continues.

 Letting Go Of Negativity 

You cry no more tears when you realize the actions of others are not a reflection of you. What reflects us is our behavior towards others or our reactions to other people’s actions. It is a beautiful and awesome experience giving and not receiving love. It is the most uncomplicated thing. Complications come from expectations. We expect others to act in a particular way and when they do not we internalize hurt. When we gain the understanding that we are all ripening fruits at different stages of our development, our perspective of other people change. Realizing we all grow at different periods and different spurts, loving becomes easier and easier.

All this comes from the realization that the Creator of us all is with us. He never leaves our side. It is difficult to explain that old woman with a drunkard for a husband, who keeps opening the door for him instead of letting him sleep alone outside. God being good gave her to him, so he could experience love. We are all each other’s keepers. Love♥. Understand that we all are becoming good. 

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