Setting The Murderer Free

Beaten and battered, neck covered in deep gashes where his fingers tried to squeeze out her very life, she begs for him. Father she prays forgive him. And when he enters her forcible she holds him and tells him God will forgive you. Now they come to her to trap him -this monster who has spilled blood three hundred times and but for God, she would have been three hundred and one and she cannot do it. For he confessed his sins to her and asked her to hold him. He became ten. And she imagined his agony that night -walking into a room of blood and all his family dead. Imagine yourself in his shoes, she begs to have her decision understand. She will leave him to God, Who is already working in her eyes because she knows it ended with her. And how does she know. they found him curled up sleeping after raping a thirteen year old and her sister, whom she never told, tells her the Lord told her of the rape and that he was taking justice. And what is this place that they want to confine him. A cell where the ten year old trapped in him will constantly be abused.No! Let God handle it. He will know how to correct this man who lost the boy that night. So she weeps. She is setting him free.

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